Best Watches Under $100 For Men – Wristwatch Guide, Review & How To Buy

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Do’s and don’ts of inexpensive watches:

Do think about what you would buy if money were no object. Once you have that, try to find something that looks somewhat similar or inspired by it in the low $100 region.

Don’t get something that looks something like a replica of an expensive or a well-known watch.

To sum it up, don’t buy a replica watch because it’s not only illegal, but people can also see that it’s not the real thing and don’t buy something that just wants to look like it rather get something that’s inspired by it.

Do buy a slim and appropriately sized watch.

Do buy a watch with a canvas band because it’s very sporty and if you don’t wear suits, it just suits the character of your outfit much better.

Don’t buy inexpensive, gold-plated watches because most of the time the gold plating is very thin and once it wears off, it looks extremely cheap. Instead, stick with stainless steel or other silver looking metals because they age much more gracefully.

Do not buy a rubber band unless your watch is specifically dedicated for sports activities because otherwise, you are much more prone to sweating and it just looks inexpensive and cheap.

Do inspect the leather straps on those watches because at that price point, you can’t expect a super high-quality leather and when it’s cheap and stiff, it may be uncomfortable to wear on your skin.

Do buy the watches online because there’s very little risk and they have a great assortment.

Now, if you just have a $100, a really great way to score a relatively high-quality watch is to go vintage.

The $100 watch is not an heirloom piece, but it’s a great in between for when you’re saving up for a better watch, or you just don’t care enough about watches, and you want something that tells you time that looks presentable.

Most watches in the $500-$1500 price range are overpriced so don’t save up for those rather stay lower and go vintage or save for something that’s more expensive than that.
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