5 INSANE WATCHES You Won’t Believe Exist

Top 5 Best and Luxurious Watches in the World

1. Rolex Submariner
Rolex is the most expensive and luxurious watches brand in the world. This specific model was launched in 1954. It was very stylish sports watch with many latest features. It is the most popular model of this brand and successful as well. It is very durable and comfortable as well. It is not for some specific period as its style is always in fashion and loved by the people. This model is also enhanced with gold that increased its price. The normal price of their watches is almost $8,500.

2.Omega Speed Master
Omega is a very famous brand for not only men watches but for women as well. It is made with latest technology that is the reason it is loved by the people. It has a very different look than all other brands. Their shape and design is unique and made with pure steel that raised its price. People mostly prefer this model of Omega because of its beautiful look. The normal price of their watches is almost $4500 to $9000.

3.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

It is very famous and successful brand in terms of watches. This brand introduces their first watch in the large market which made it more famous and was launched in 1972. Its price was very high than all other competitors because of the brand name and its style as well. The design of this watch was very different from the archetype and made with pure steel. It is now the major brand of watches in the whole world and most purchased as well. The normal price of their watches is almost $20,000.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso:

This brand was launched in 1931 with its first model in the market. It started off making luxurious watches only for the high society of London. Its model was made with a rectangular dial that is made of pure metal. It was the most expensive and successful model of watch from last 20 years. Its design is very classy and is always in fashion. Their most of the designs are very different and stylish as well. The normal price of their watches is almost $10,000.

5.IWC Portuguese:

It is very famous and old name in terms of timepieces. In about 1930 on a ship, they decided to manufacture clocks to update themselves with the land. Then they identified the need for wrist watches to keep themselves updated all the time. Then they introduced wrist watches in a very precise wristwatch. Their timepieces come in different designs and styles as well. Now recently, they introduced large dial watches according to the latest trends of fashion. It also has Arabic numerals written on the. Their watches are considered as perfect. The normal price of their timepiece is almost $10,000.

This video shows all the stunning, stylish, royal, complex watches of this year and the upcoming!
This video was made as second part of my old video :Top 10 Watches of 2015 and 2014 [ LUXURY MENS WATCHES ]
As i had many selection problems with the old video, THIS LIST IS COMPLETELY OFFICIAL!

Fact No.1 http://www.rolex.com/watches/submariner/m116610lv-0002.html

Fact No.2




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