10 Watch Buying Mistakes | Watch This BEFORE You Buy A Timepiece

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When men are looking to buy a watch they could run into these 10 mistakes…so be careful not to make them!

1. Buying what someone else wants you to buy

2. Buying an overly bold watch (for your first watch you want an everyday wear)

3. Spending too much money or buying outside of your range
• never buy a watch on impulse (expensive or not)

4. Not experimenting with bands
metal bracelets can appear heavy, fabric casual, rubber sport. Have fun and look to use teh band to change the mood.

5. Choosing a watch too large for your wrist (without knowing it!)
Case diameter – 45mm – 7.5+ inch wrist circumference… 42 /7 40 / 6.5 38 / 6

6. Buying a watch as an investment vs buying it because you like it

7. not considering smaller/less known brands
• don’t just buy based on the brand name

8. Following trends blindly

9. Not wearing what you buy

10. Discounting the quartz movement (I love automatic & manual watches)

https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/watch-buying-mistakes/ – Click here to read the article – 10 watch buying mistakes