Best Essential Oils Brands 2018 (NOT SPONSORED OR MLM)

BEST ESSENTIAL OIL BRANDS 2018 | Quality and Price Comparison | (NOT SPONSORED) \ Hey guys, in this video we are going to be exploring some of the best essential oil brands, and what companies you can trust when you’re going to consider purchasing essential oils for your home.




Whether you’re purchasing as a small business for DIY products, or for personal use at home, I share the best brands out there where you will get the most bang for your buck.

I would always recommend purchasing organic essential oils, just because you’re going to be breathing in these oils, or maybe ingesting them and putting them on your skin and you want to go with the purest formulas with the least amount of pesticides.


I share the best brand for bulk purchases online where you can buy up to 16 oz bottles of a wide selection of essential oils, and kits.


Now if you’re just wanting to purchase essential oils for your own personal use at home I recommend a brand that is very underrated, but extremely high quality and not overpriced. This company sources organically and sustainably.


If you’re looking for some really unique blends, I share a luxury brand that creates all their products by hand. They are kind of the “bourgeois” brand in the holistic healing community with a lot of really decadent, specialized beauty products.

So those are the brands that I’ve personally used and enjoyed myself. I hope that this helps. I know it can be hard trying to find good products on Amazon and wondering if they’re sourced properly, and if they paid for reviews and stuff like that. Hope this helps!

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