How to SURVIVE Your Period! 10 Tips to Have a Healthy Period.

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Today I’m sharing my top 10 tips on how to survive your period, reduce period cramps naturally, self care tips and more!
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10 Healthy Period Tips:
1. Use a silicone period cup 1:47
2. Use a heating pad 6:41
3. Use essential oils 8:04
4. Take a relaxing bath 10:17
5. Track your period 11:40
6: Eat certain foods 14:11
7. Use natural hygiene wipes 15:29
8. Drink relaxing herbal tea 17:08
9. Take ginger capsules 18:05
10. Try acupuncture 18:57


Bean bag (you can heat or freeze this one) :
Period cup:
The Women Code:
Calm lavender salt bath:
Lavender calming body oil:
Saje Wellness pocket pharmacy:
Dragon Time oil blend (also another great Period essential blend oil):
Lavender essential oil:
Feminine natural hygiene wipes:
Chamomile lavender tea:
Tulsi tea:
Ginger tea:
Sleepy time tea:
Ginger capsules:
Acupuncture: (follow Amrit, she’s amazing and so talented in this field)
Period tracking apps: Cycles, Flo, Clue
Article on foods to eat on your period:

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